13 May 2013
Once again I've been slacking in the renovation department but that doesn't mean that I haven't been working hard. This past weekend was the stag and doe for my sister and her fiance and boy was it a party!

The bridal party, along with the bride's and groom's parents and some additional family members, turned the local community hall into a good old fashioned hoedown. Please keep in mind that we live in Ontario, Canada so this is a very stereotypical interpretation of country but it sure turned out great!

The lovely bride and groom
 The wedding party and our t-shirt creator
We tried to stick with the theme where ever possible, even the taxi signs. 
Since the wedding will take place over the Canada Day weekend we threw in some flags for good measure. This large one was available to sign and my sweet sister made this photo pallet for the bride and groom.  
The wedding party having fun
Some of our favourite guests having even more fun
 One of my favourite things of the night was the over-sized "Wanted Poster" that we 
created for a photo station.
Thanks to my mom, there were fun props available to make for an even funnier photo.
It was definitely a night to remember and it was very clear that everyone enjoyed celebrating in honour of the happy couple. Overall , the night was a great success and we are thankful to everyone who came out!

I apologize for the lack of home updates but with the long weekend coming up I'm sure you can expect lots in the near future.



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