17 May 2013
I finished painting the living room and dining area over a month ago but this is the first time I've  posted a look at the finished product. Am I a paint expert? No. That being said, did I like Farrow & Ball paint? Yes. Did it go on smoothly and cover well? Yes. Does the colour look great? Yes.
The front of our house (the window above) faces north-west for those of you considering this colour in your own homes. The room looks very different throughout the day depending on the amount of sunlight. 
Everyone that has seen it seems to agree that it is a light grey. My mother even mentioned a "putty-grey". At times I definitely see more of a pale blue-grey. I knew before hand what to expect when choosing a grey paint, they hardly ever turn out just as you imagine. They are incredibly hard to get just as you want due to the number of different undertones that are possible. 
Overall, I am very happy with how the walls turned out, especially considering their age.

With the long weekend upon us we plan to get lots of outdoor work completed. I hope you all have a chance to get outside too!


  1. That looks so nice, Shannon! I also really love the furniture in the front room!



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