5 May 2013

Work on the house has slowed down a bit because in 8 weeks my beautiful, younger sister will be getting married! I've been busy with showers, the bachlorette and stag and doe planning.

A few weeks ago our side of the family threw my sister her first shower. Our wonderful cousins were so generous to host the event for her. The day was filled with friends and family and she was so thankful for everything that everyone contributed.

(Bridal party to the left)

Here are some photos my cousin Madi of Madison Rose Photography took at the shower. 

There was great food,
and drinks.
Followed by presents
and delicious dessert!
Sisterly love
The next two months are filled with exciting events for my sister and our family but I will be sure to post a house update soon. Until then, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine like we are here :)



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Jeff and Shannon

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