27 May 2013
What you didn't see in any of the photos last week was the piano that we got for free hiding in the background.Yes, you read that right FREE! 
The story goes a little something like this, a couple of months ago I saw an ad on Kijiji for a 1920's vanity. I decide that I must have it. I message the owner who says that it is still available and that she lives only a couple of hours away in the Niagara region (or as I like to call it the wine region). She even suggests that while we are there (in the small town of Jordon, ON) we should go for lunch, visit a couple wineries and make a whole day of it. Jeff is always up for an adventure so he gladly agrees. 

So now on to the free piano, we arrive at the lady's house to pick up the vanity with an enclosed trailer to carry home my find. When we arrive we see that she has a barn-sized garage next to her house filled with antiques! We of course look around to see if there is anything for else we would like. The lady who owned the shop with her husband was so lovely and talked to us about our day and how they had started their little business. 

At some point it came up where we were from and she said that she knew a young couple who lived in our city. In fact, they had just moved themselves. She then said their names and to our surprise they were the couple that we had just purchased our home from! It really is such a small world. She then proceeded to tell us that our house had "good feelings." When I asked if she had ever been there she said, "no, but I just know." Strange, but I wouldn't disagree with her.

While I was upstairs finding a set of 6 of these chairs to recover at a later date,
Jeff hollered up asking if he could pick something out. I said of course knowing that I also wanted to purchase these chairs. Imagine, I come down the stairs to him grinning and he says, "how about a piano?" I shake my head and say, "no way." He then proceeds to tell me that it's free and he's always wanted a piano. Knowing that he used to play as a child I agree as long as I did not have to move it. Why she decided to give us a piano still seems strange but she simply said it was taking up too much room.

So now we have this piano. It's made by Vough and says "Vough New York" on the front. From what I can find it was made in the early 1900's.
It definitely needs some cleaning up and a few keys need to be re-strung but Jeff loves it and it was free so I couldn't say no. 


  1. You are so lucky!! That piano is amazing.

  2. I can see many gatherings around this piano during the holidays in the future! Great finds!



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