10 June 2013
A few weeks back we decided that we would hold off on putting up a new fence, at least for this summer. With this expense being saved until next year my mind turned to the question, "What can we do instead?"

The front door was always stuck and needed to be tried multiple times before opening. Often, especially with arms full of groceries, this resulted in extreme frustration. The answer was very obvious at this point, we will just change the doors. 

Turns out there was a lot more wrong than just the doors. The frames were installed backwards and they weren't even level. We also thought that it would be nice to replace the transom window that had been covered above the front door. 

This is where Premium Plus Windows and Doors came in. They were very efficient and came out to give us a quote the day after we contacted them. Overall they were great to deal with and I think that their work speaks for itself. 

Front Door Before
Front Door After

Back Door Before
Back Door During (New Frame)
Back Door After

We've purchased new exterior lights and are going to order new shutters to go along with the new doors. Lastly we need to clean up the brick where the awning used to be above the front door. Now that we have the transom window there we've noticed so much more natural light in the main room so we've decided on not replacing the awning.

Overall I think that it was money really well spent. Our curb appeal has definitely increased and we really couldn't be happier with the work done!

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  1. The transom window adds so much character. Looks great!



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