4 April 2013
I'm sure you remember the below hole in the wall. It didn't take long for it to become too much to look at every day. After all of the wall patching in the living room, I was not looking forward to more putty but it had to be done so we got to it!
The light switch was on the opposite side of the wall from the back door so we quickly decided that it needed to be moved. Since the wiring was long enough to reach the new location, we just had to cut a new hole and secure the electrical box place. 
 This 15 minute job has made our lives so much easier. 
 Next the wall was framed in. 
 We were sure to leave our own message before closing the wall off again.
 Then it was back to puttying.
Only 2 more coats to go! Then paint!



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Jeff and Shannon

Jeff and Shannon

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