12 April 2013
We visited our local Farrow & Ball distributor a few weeks back to pick up some sample pots. I then painted the five colours on poster boards which I taped to the wall. This makes it easier to imagine the colour on the whole wall and also allows you to look at it throughout the day(s) in different lighting conditions. 

Below: Farrow & Ball - Skimming Stone, Cornforth White, Pavilion Gray, Pitch Black and Strong White 
No, we aren't going to paint the whole room black. At least not this one.  
Another angle of the samples.
 One wall prior to priming. 
 Sigh* how fresh and clean it looked once the primer was on. It almost makes me wish we had painted the room white. 
 We went with Cornforth White which Farrow & Ball describes as having light and white undertones. It is actually a pale gray, not white. Which is what we wanted.
All of Farrow & Ball's paint names have meanings behind them and this one's was, "In memory of John Cornforth, architectural historian and author of the landmark publication 'English Decoration in the 18th Century'. White & Light Tones Undercoat."
A little bit of history with your paint, I like it. 


  1. I love the history behind the paint colour! :)

  2. Loving the paint colour! Also very inspired by your old apartment, tons of pretty details!



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