28 March 2013
In the sake of honesty, it only took a few days before our nice clean room with freshly finished floors turned in to this. 
Here is my confession, I can not bare to part with anything that has sentimental value. So many pieces I have are from my grandparents and great-grandparents homes and I will probably never get rid of them. 
I also can not resist a crazy bargain! Those two pink wingback chairs were $5. Not even $5 each, $5 for the pair of them! They are so sturdy and just need some new fabric to make them as good as new.

While I continued to sand away, Jeff was working on the attic. These boards were warped and all different levels so they had to come up. (Don't worry, I saved the boards for another project down the road.)
Jeff laid new plywood down but of course it was not without some difficulties. The actual joists were a little uneven so some of the boards needed to be shimmed. Luckily Jeff has some experience with this so it went pretty smoothly. 

Why yes, that is a Duff beer shirt.

Laying the plywood took a weekend a few nights after work and it was definitely worth the time.
Our attic is now ready for new hardwood flooring. Great job babe!

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  1. I love furniture that can tell a story!
    Can't wait to see how you finished the attic room!



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