20 March 2013
Patching dents and holes is possibly the most important step in prepping walls for paint. People sometimes think that paint will cover-up imperfections but it will only highlight them. I always spend way more time prepping walls then I do actually painting them. I literally had putty in my hands... and hair for many days last month. I try to get every little imperfection. 
Exhibit A
I find I see different spots depending on the lighting throughout the day so I try to patch at different times of the day if possible. It's best to fill the spot leaving as little excess compound as possible. I always apply one thicker coat to fill the hole, then once dried, sand. I then apply two thin coats with drying time in between, before sanding again. 
Sometimes you have to deal with larger holes, like this.
 For this I use a metal mesh repair patch. 
Some of the walls in the house are plaster and others are drywall. There were some cracks in the plaster that had to be repaired as well.
Since we had already removed the baseboard trim, and the door trim wasn't that great, I removed those as well. 

What pushed me to keep going was the thought of painting. I've always wanted to try Farrow & Ball paint so I picked up some samples from our local retailer. Aren't those tins just the cutest?
Cornforth White is my front runner for sure!



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Jeff and Shannon

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