9 February 2014
Quite frankly, I am horrible at keeping up on this blog. It's not that we haven't been doing any work on the house lately, or that I haven't been capturing all of the stages on camera, I just suck at planning to sit down and write actual posts. I'm sorry to anyone who actually checks here for updates.

I follow over 100 blogs over on bloglovin which provide me with a ton of inspiration. I dream up new projects all of the time and add them to the list. We have started and even finished a few of said projects and I just never get to posting them.

With that said, the next few posts will be of work we did throughout December and January. 
First up, an edison bulb chandelier makeover! Below is the chandelier that I dreamed of.
I did not however dream of the $400 price tag. For that reason, I decided to make something with a similar feel for less than $30. I spray painted our dated chandelier, removed the frosted glass chandelier shades and switched out the regular bulbs for edison bulbs.  Ta-da!
It feels good to be back!



Welcome to our little blog. Here you'll find our adventures as we take a DIY approach to our 1903 Little Red Brick Home.

Jeff and Shannon

Jeff and Shannon

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