15 September 2013
Our curb appeal was definitely lacking when we first got the house and it was one of the things we really wanted to fix. 
We removed the shutters with the intent of painting them but they were so old and frail that most of them cracked while taking them off. The awning also came down as we had plans to figure out something else for over the front door. Months went by and we still hadn't decided what we were going to do for over the door. We considered leaving it as is but the bricks are discoloured from years of having the awning in that spot. Unfortunately pressure washing the bricks is out of the question until we have them re-pointed.

The awning sat in the yard all summer until one day I thought why not do what I always do when I don't like something, paint it! 

This is what the awning looked like after pressure washing it.
(When the camera comes out Copper is never far behind)
I originally wasn't sure what colour to paint the awning but I kept seeing images of black and white striped ones that I liked. From Kate Spade to Ikea, black and white stripes seem to be everywhere right now. This one from Simple Details had me sold.
After thoroughly washing years worth of dirt and cobwebs from the 
awning I started with the white stripes. 
This project went really fast and I am so happy with the end result!
Today I am painting the new front door Caliente by Benjamin Moore
and then the awning will be hung. 
Hurray, one more outside task checked off of the to-do list!



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Jeff and Shannon

Jeff and Shannon

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