4 December 2013
As life gets busy I neglect my poor little blog. One of the reasons I haven't updated in a month is because we have been working full force on a number of projects.

We finally hung the striped awning just in time for the first snowfall.
One small section of drywall that we had repaired nail pops on months ago now had screws popping out. The problem was that the studs that we were screwing into weren't secured properly. The drywall had to come down so that studs could be fixed. 
We have always talked about having an open closet with a built in bench so it made sense for us to do that drywall at the same time. Off came the closet doors.
Removing the drywall exposed an old wire that looked in bad need of replacement so that had to be done. We also adjusted the light switches to proper height as they were pretty high up on the wall before. 
I bought this light from LampGoods on Etsy and absolutely love it!

Now this is when we started getting a little ahead of ourselves and thought, "why not replace the door too?" The previous door was short and very narrow. I love the character that is has so I'm hoping to use it somewhere else in the house.
Since the door is on the same wall as the washroom door we are replacing that door as well. 
Here is where we are at as of right now. I see a lot of taping and puttying in my near future.

On an end note, here is a picture of my ecard Halloween costume only a month late!

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  1. That's amazing! So, this is your front entrance closet? I love that lamp too!



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