12 March 2013
We went back and forth over whether we would attempt to refinish the hardwood floors in the living room, dining room and kitchen. At first we thought of course! Why not!? They are this horrible orange-tinged stain and completely scratched up, why wouldn't we?
We then researched the process and realized how much work it would be, not to mention messy. At this point we decided it probably wasn't our first priority.

We were leaning towards leaving them as is but every time we talked about it we said that they would have to be re-done at some point. It only made sense to do them first, before we moved everything in. So the floors are being refinished!

This for me meant ripping out the awkwardly placed cabinet that stood in the way.
You know, this one. The one that almost completely blocked the stairs.
So I went to it with Ruff supervising.
and found that the wall had been cut into to fit the cabinet back an additional inch.
I have learned by now, there is always more work than you think there is going to be.
On a nice note, I also found this:
I've always enjoyed the history of older homes and although this message was only from 14 years ago it was still really neat to find. I said from the start that this home had a good feeling to it.


  1. I love that there was a sweet note. What an awesome piece of history (14 years was quite some time ago!).

    Who knows what other messages are just waiting for you to find them!

  2. Well, you guys done a great job with that. It is really beautiful.

  3. Thank you both! There is lots more to be done but it is definitely coming along.



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